To Qualify, You must:

  • Be a resident of Australia.
  • Have an active account with an Australian Bank or Credit Union.
  • Have an income of at least $1500 each month, paid into your bank account.
  • Show that you have regular income by sending us your bank statements.
  • Have a valid email address so that Money Centre can contact you.
  • If this is your first application you need to send us at least 60 days (two months) of statements up to the current date. If this is a repeat application we need 30 days (one month) of statements up to the current date. If you have Internet access to your bank account, you can print a copy of your statement

On approval:

  • You will receive an offer of a Personal Cash Advance by e-mail.

If you accept the Cash Advance Proposal:

  • The agreed Cash Advance amount will be deposited into your bank account or as otherwise arranged.